Saddle Creek Arena

5208 Saddle Creek Road

Enclosed 300 x 120 Team Penning/Gymkhana Arena, Standard Size (66 x 198) Dressage Arena, 60' Round Pen, picnic tables, hitching posts, water trough, drinking fountain, and portable bathroom facilities. THERE IS AN EMERGENCY PHONE AT THIS LOCATION.

From the beginning of Hidden Hills History in the 50s until the mid 60s, horse shows, gymkhanas, and polo games were held on various vacant lots. When a new addition was planned, the City was persuaded to set aside approximately 4 acres for an official arena at the end of Saddle Creek Road. The local feed store (currently Calabasas Saddlery) had recently changed ownership and was re-organizing and eliminated their roping arena. A work party of two dozen Hidden Hills residents hauled the portable pipe fencing from that location and erected the large arena that became the first equestrian facility in Hidden Hills.

A tribute to those residents still stands today near the gymkhana arena. Both the dressage arena and the round pen were added at a later time.

Spring Valley Arena

6255 Spring Valley Road

140 x 250 Pipe Arena, 70 x 140 (2/3) Dressage Arena, 60' Enclosed Round Pen, hitching posts, water trough, drinking fountain, snack shack, announcer's stand, permanent bathroom, tennis courts, park, children's playground and emergency phone.

The Arena area was built when the land that is north of Spring Valley and Old Eldorado Meadow was developed. It includes the tennis courts, a large arena, a 2/3 size dressage arena and a small shade structure, that was later remodeled by the Trails Committee of the Association into the existing snack shack with announcer's booth and bathroom facilities. The round pen was added in 2005 under the direction of the Equestrian Services Committee.

The Trails Committee opted to relinquish the trail that ran along the Woodland Hills perimeter behind the arena area so that a small park could be developed. The park includes grass lawn and a childrens play area. Besides being an equestrian area, Spring Valley is used for the yearly Fiesta and other equestrian events.

Lewis + Clark Arena

24990 Lewis & Clark Road

80 x 190 pipe arena, hitching post, water trough, drinking fountain, and emergency phone. There are no bathroom facilities at this location.

The land that that is used for the Lewis & Clark arena was donated by a longtime resident of Hidden Hills. For many years, the Equestrian Services Committee dedicated their efforts towards a on-site renovation. The current area features a very quiet and pleasant place to work your horse. The landscaping is flourishing beautifully.