Making a decision to buy in Hidden Hills is perhaps one of the most important decisions you will ever make. It is a community unlike any other, and you owe it to yourself to make sure you understand all of the aspects of freedom you will give up in exchange for a rural, country lifestyle that is unsurpassed in southern California.

When making your purchase decision, it is advisable to:

  1. Read all of the governing documents:

  2. Read past Board meeting minutes.

  3. Get authorization from the current owner to read the property file.

  4. Understand the historical significance and purpose of the Association.

  5. Understand the purpose and authority of the Architectural Committee.

  6. Understand the community's foundation in and reliance upon volunteer support.

  7. Understand and accept that life in Hidden Hills will be unlike anything you have ever experienced.

The following are a few of the general rules relating to real estate sales.

Real Estate Agents & Open Houses

In order to enter Hidden Hills to view or visit homes that are currently listed for sale or lease, Real Estate agents must either produce a current and valid California Real Estate license or be admitted by a resident pursuant to the procedures outlined in the Gate Operations Manual.

  • All prospective buyers not otherwise authorized to visit Hidden Hills may enter in the vehicle of a licensed Real Estate Agent or may follow the Real Estate Agent in a seperate car. The Real Estate Agent is responsible for accompanying the home seeker while in Hidden Hills and upon exit from the city. Real Estate Agents may escort up to two (2) cars.

  • Agents wishing to hold an open house shall leave their cellular phone number or residents home phone number with the gate guard, and the gate guard will call the agent to come to the gate to escort any prospective buyers to the property.

  • Directional signs, Open House signs, balloons, banners and flags are strictly prohibited.

  • Real Estate agents, brokers or sales persons shall inform prospective buyers that Hidden Hills is a community governed by CC&Rs, Bylaws, Architectural Standards, a Gate Operations Manual,and Rules & Regulations.

Homes for Sale by Owner

Except for the licensing requirement, Owners who market their own homes must also comply with these rules.

Real Estate Appraisers

In order to enter Hidden Hills to appraise a home, Real Estate Appraisers must either produce a current and valid California Real Estate Appraisers License or be admitted by a resident pursuant to the procedures outlined in the Gate Operations Manual.


Homeowners who rent or lease their residences to tenants who desire to enjoy the rights and privileges of residency are required to execute a written lease agreement, signed by the tenant and returned to the Association prior to the tenants possession of the residence. The lease shall contain, at a minimum, the following terms:

a. Term of Lease.

b. Entire Residence. The property leased includes the entire residence. Portions of property are not permitted to be leased. Renting rooms is strictly prohibited.

c. Abide by Rules. Tenants agrees to abide by the Governing Documents, as defined in the Bylaws. Tenants must also acknowledge receipt of same.

d. No Assignment or Subleases. There shall be no right of assignment or sublease of the residence, unless said sublease includes the provisions stated above.

e. Assignments of rents.