Welcome to the Hidden Hills Community Center. The following rules will acquaint you with the Community Center and how it operates. The rules are not meant to be unduly restrictive but instead to help avoid disputes, promote safety and minimize property damage. All disputes shall be adjudicated by the Board of Directors.

The Community Center is open daily from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Private Functions

The Community Center is not available to be rented for private functions. However, residents may be allowed to utilize the outdoor facilities for events that are open to and appropriate for the entire community. Except as otherwise expressly permitted by the Board, no soliciting is allowed.

Insurance Limitations

While the Associations' insurance covers damage to the facilities and slips and falls, it does not necessarily cover actions taken by volunteers and or vendors who may be leading programs at the Community Center. If you are concerned about whether a particular trainer, instructor or vendor has insurance, you should talk to that individual and make your decisions accordingly.

Treatment of Employees

The Associations employees are an integral part of Hidden Hills and the Community Center. As a result, please make sure you treat our staff with courtesy. If residents harass or mistreat employees, they will be subject to fines, suspension of privileges, and/or other legal remedies. If you believe an employee is engaging in inappropriate conduct or is not doing his or her job, do not approach the employee. Instead, contact the Manager. If the issue involves the Manager, please contact the Board.